A lesson plan for teaching students how to select their favorite public speaker











For high school & ESL learners

Topic: Selecting Your Favorite Public Speaker

Grade Level: High School

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify and evaluate the qualities of effective public speakers, and select their favorite public speaker based on those qualities.


  • Access to online videos of speeches given by various public speakers
  • Worksheets for evaluating public speakers
  • Projector and screen for displaying videos
  • Whiteboard and markers


  1. Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Begin by asking students if they have ever watched a public speaker who they found particularly inspiring or engaging.
  • Discuss with the students the importance of public speaking skills in a variety of contexts, from giving presentations at school to job interviews to making speeches as a public figure.
  • Explain that in this lesson, they will learn how to evaluate public speakers and select their favorite based on certain qualities.

  1. Identifying Qualities of Effective Public Speakers (20 minutes)

  • Introduce the concept of evaluating public speakers based on specific qualities.
  • Write the following qualities on the whiteboard: confidence, clarity, organization, authenticity, and connection with the audience.
  • Ask students to brainstorm what each quality means in the context of public speaking.
  • After brainstorming, go through each quality one-by-one and ask students to give examples of how they might recognize that quality in a public speaker.
  • As a class, watch a short video clip of a public speaker and ask the students to identify which of the qualities they saw demonstrated in the speech.

    Evaluating Public Speakers (30 minutes)
  • Provide each student with a worksheet for evaluating public speakers.
  • In pairs or small groups, have students watch a video of a public speaker and fill out the worksheet based on the qualities discussed in the previous section.
  • After completing the worksheet, have students discuss their evaluations with their partners or group members.
  • As a class, discuss the evaluations and compare the results.

    Selecting a Favorite Public Speaker (20 minutes)
  • Ask students to individually select their favorite public speaker from the ones they have evaluated.
  • Instruct them to write a short paragraph explaining why they chose that speaker based on the qualities discussed in the previous sections.
  • Have a few students share their choices with the class and explain their reasoning.

    Conclusion (5 minutes)
  • Summarize the main points of the lesson and reinforce the importance of being able to identify and evaluate effective public speakers.
  • Encourage students to continue to practice their public speaking skills and to seek out opportunities to watch and learn from skilled public speakers.


  • Students will be assessed based on their participation in class discussions and group activities, as well as their completed evaluation worksheets and written paragraphs explaining their choice of favorite public speaker.