Our Commitment to Ethical Practices

At KEATH, we recognize the vital importance of ethical considerations, especially in the field of education, where futures are shaped. As we bridge the gap between traditional methods and AI-driven assessment, our commitment to ethical practices remains unwavering.

I. Our 7 Pillars of Missionhood

II. Our Guaranteed Five No's

III. Our Guaranteed Five Yeses

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I. Our 7 Pillars of Missionhood

1. Ensuring Transparency

We believe in complete openness about how our AI functions. We provide comprehensive documentation and training sessions for educational institutions to understand the mechanics and algorithms behind KEATH.

2. Our Human-AI Loop Model

While AI brings efficiency and consistency, the essence of education lies in the human touch. KEATH acts as a supportive tool, not a replacement. Educators retain final decision-making authority, ensuring that AI aids, but never overshadows, human judgment.

3. Data Privacy & Protection

Our commitment to data security is uncompromising. KEATH uses advanced encryption techniques, and all data used for training purposes is anonymized and devoid of personally identifiable information.

4. Job Security for Educators

Rather than replacing educators, KEATH empowers them. By streamlining the assessment process, teachers can dedicate more time to instruction, mentorship, and professional development. We view KEATH as a tool that enhances the roles of educators, not one that diminishes them.

5. Feedback Integrity

Feedback is more than just a grade—it's a pathway for growth. With KEATH, feedback is tailored, ensuring that students receive constructive and personalized insights to further their learning journey.

6. Continuous Ethical Reviews

The world of AI is ever-evolving, and so are our ethical practices. We routinely consult with ethicists, educators, and AI professionals to review and update our practices, ensuring they align with the highest global standards.

7. Engagement with the Community

We actively seek feedback from stakeholders, from adminstrators to teachers, to better understand their concerns and needs. By fostering open dialogues, we aim to develop a system that respects all opinions and feedbacks.

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II. Our Guaranteed Five No's

1. No Replacement of Humans
KEATH will not replace educators. Our AI serves to enhance their role, allowing them more time for valuable one-on-one interactions with students.

2. No Data Misuse of Educators
We will never sell, trade, or misuse the data entrusted to us. It is used exclusively for the specified educational purposes.

3. No Collecting of Personal Information
KEATH’s systems process data without requiring any student's personal identifiers, ensuring utmost privacy.

4. No Hidden Algorithms
We commit to transparency about how our AI processes data. If you have questions, we're here to answer.

5. No Compromise on Quality
Our tools are rigorously tested, and we ensure regular updates to enhance accuracy and efficiency. We don’t settle for mediocrity.

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III. Our Guaranteed Three Yes'es

1. Yes to Human Oversight
We prioritize educator inputs, ensuring human judgment remains central to our tool's functionality.

2. Yes to Educational Enhancement
KEATH is dedicated to not just maintaining, but elevating the educational assessment standards and experience for both educators and students.

3. Yes to Ethical Growth
As we expand, we remain rooted in ethical practices. Our growth will always prioritize our core values and principles.