Made for educators:

A glimpse into our technology

KEATH's core achievement lies in its unique application of AI to revolutionize the educational assessment landscape. By automating the grading process, we've empowered educators to focus on what they do best: teaching.

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We've embarked on a journey of refining and enhancing large language learning models (LLLM) with a particular focus on bolstering their adaptability. Our approach hinges on the integration of the most recent scientific research findings with the pragmatic demands of real-world applications. This harmonious fusion has yielded optimized strategies for model training, fine-tuning methodologies, and augmented search techniques. These refinements collectively render our model exceptionally well-suited for educational applications, particularly the intricate task of grading educational assignments.

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But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Our model isn't content with being a single-use application. It boasts a multifaceted repertoire, encompassing multi-modality, multi-tasking prowess, multi-typing versatility, multi-grading sophistication, and multilingual capabilities. In essence, it stands ready to tackle educational assignments spanning diverse types, grades, and languages.

Whether your materials are in the form of text, images, or even audio and videos (a feature currently in development), our model is primed to deliver precise grading outcomes tailored to your specific requirements.

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Now, let's delve into the science underpinning our innovative approach – Prompt Engineering. This technological marvel marries the most current scientific research with the pragmatic necessities of real-world applications. The outcome? A model that possesses a heightened comprehension of, and responsiveness to, the intricacies of grading tasks.

Through the application of sophisticated techniques such as Chain of Thoughts, templating, and dynamic prompting, we've instilled a high degree of consistency into our model's responses. The result is a marked reduction in the potential for misjudgments, thereby mitigating the risk of what we refer to as "model hallucination."

In essence, we're not just pushing the envelope; we're redefining it. KEATH is poised to elevate your grading and marking experience, and we're excited to showcase the intelligence behind our innovation.