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Ztop Education (Guangzhou)


Type: Experienced in the industry; Established in California in 2010; Focus on high-end services; Also does application for visa, IELTS, GMAT

Main Office: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Other Branches: South China (not mentioned)

Destinations: United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

Education Levels: High School, Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Other Services: training on interview, visa and language test (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT..)




Phone: 400-623-8882 (office)

Company Name (English): Guangzhou Ztop Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Address: Tianhe District, Yaozhong plaza, building B, 706


About: Guangzhou Ztop Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Ztop education) was founded in 2010 in California, USA, and then formally entered the Chinese education consulting market. Now it has become a leading brand in the overseas study consulting industry. Located in the pearl river delta region, it has great influence on the whole China. It also has special offices and consulting points in Los Angeles (the United States), Vancouver(Canada) and other popular cities.

After years of remarkable development, Ztop Education has become the first overseas study institution in China to provide "the follow-up in the whole process". Based on years of experience in the industry, Ztop has developed the "problem-oriented in-depth consulting method". It is not only concerned with students' present situation, but also students' future after graduation. Ztop Education has also created an effective "All true closed visa training method" to conduct a visa simulation training for each applicant. Over the years, Ztop visa success rate is as high as 99.8%!

With the fastest speed, the most careful attitude, and the most professional method, Ztop tries to solve every student's study abroad problem!

Ztop‘s positioning: focus on high-end services, apply for the United States Top30, the United Kingdom Top 15, Canada Top20, Australia Top8 and other first-class institutions.

Management: Xie Sujiao, Executive director and General Manager

Since she entered the study abroad industry in 2006, Ms Xie has successfully helped thousands of students of different family backgrounds, different income levels and different ages to successfully obtain the admission and student visa of world famous universities. She has a good understanding of the education system of English-speaking countries, and is familiar with the application requirements of popular universities and majors. She is good at helping students to make early plans, explore their own highlights, and customize personalized study abroad programs according to their characteristics.

With 14 years of rich experience in studying abroad, Ms. Xie has fulfilled the dream of many students in prestigious universities with her carefulness, strictness and specialty.

Success or Sample Sending Cases
  1. USA

    1. Universities: Harvard University; Columbia University; University of Pennsylvania; Duke university.

    2. High Schools: Pomona college; Washington university St. Louis.

  2. UK

    1. University: University of St Andrews; Imperial college London; University college London; London school of economics.

    2. High School: N/A

  3. Canada

    1. University: University of York; University of Waterloo; University of Toronto; McGill university; University of British Columbia.

    2. : High School: University of Toronto; McGill university; University of alberta; Simon Fraser university.

  4. Australia.

a. University: Australian national university; University of Melbourne; University of Sydney; University of south west wales; University of Queensland

b. High School:

  1. Singapore

a. University: National university of Singapore; Nanyang technological university

b. High School:

  1. Hong Kong

a. University of Hong Kong; The Chinese university of Hong Kong; Hong Kong university of science and technology; Hong Kong Baptist university

b. High School:

BELA Education Group


Type: Mature, mid-sized group, established in 2014. High School International Course, College Preparatory, Online Course, 2+1 High school program, U-PASS program. Also does IELTS & TOEFL.

Main Office: Vancouver, Canada

Other Branches: LA, United States, Guangzhou, China

Destinations: United States, the United Kingdom, Canada , Australia, Hong Kong

Education Levels: High School, Undergraduate

Other Services: Phonetics, Minor languages, TESOL, TOEFL, SAT, AP, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, Kindergarten to 12th Grade (Under construction), 9th Grade to 12th Grade (Under construction), Study tour




Phone: 020-37684599 (office), 18011734791 (mobile)

Company Name (English): Guangzhou BELA Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Address: 1101-1103, South Railway Building, No.57, Zhongshan 1st Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


About: Bela Education Group has made great efforts to provide high-quality, public and authoritative education resources, and has obtained the only authorization from many famous American schools. It has successfully launched the Sino US 2 + 1 international high school curriculum class in Guangzhou foreign language school, Guangdong Overseas Chinese middle school and Panyu Xiangxian middle school. The international curriculum class has been introduced by Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of education through the representative of Hanban in North America, including "direct promotion of American public high school" The program (Sino US 2 + 1) "and the program '' U-Pass ". After completing all the courses of senior one and senior two years in China, the students of the program will directly enter the top public high schools or universities in the United States in the third year.

Management: Zhenyang Xia, COO and academic director

Postdoctoral of Stanford University. He has taught in Stanford University, UCLA and other famous universities. Former TOEFL, sat and AP proposition officer and marketing Officer. With California permanent teacher certificate and national teacher certificate. Over 30 years of educational experience.

Success or Sample Sending Cases
  1. USA

    1. Universities: Harvard University, Columbia University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, Rothholman Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Wake Forest university, NYU, University of California Santa Barbara, University of California, Irvine Branch school, University of Rochester, Rochester Technology University,

    2. Art College: Parsons School of design, Art Center Design Institute, Chicago School of art, Maryland College of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Art, Pratt College of Art

  2. Canada Universities: University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa

  1. Australian Universities: University of Sydney, University of Melbourne

  1. UK Universities: Loughborough University, Lancaster University, University of Edinburgh

  1. Hong Kong: Universities: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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